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I'm just a college kid reblogging my interests. These include (but are not limited to) Harry Potter, Supernatural, Disney, Merlin, Sherlock, Teen Wolf, Doctor Who, or anything funny or adorable. I've recently started watching a lot of TV, so honestly just expect anything. I basically reblog everything, though Supernatural tends to run the majority of my blog. I will also give random commentaries about my own life, so be prepared (seriously you have been warned sometimes I ramble a lot about nothing and sometimes I just like to whine)

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And he’s right, isn’t he? Right to think that you are a coward?

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Tagged: supernaturalsam winchestergadreelugh I'm mad he didn't get more than that one punchhe totally deserved revenge

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Season 9 Quotes

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That was my plan, anyway.

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Best Winchester Brotherly Bonding Scenes 

Just few of the things Sam is willing to do for Dean.

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